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10-31-2012 Telephone Briefing

As we continue to recover from Storm Sandy, the Town of Old Saybrook needs to communicate the following emergency messages to our residents. The message will be long, yet very informative.

The Recovery Center at the High School remains open.

  • Those citizens without water due to a loss of power may obtain drinking water at the Old Saybrook High School. Please bring your own clean container to fill. Bottle water is also available free of charge.
  • Public showers are available at the high school. Shower facilities include private stalls with hot water. There are also private areas for parents who need to bathe their children. Showers will be available until 8 PM this evening.
  • A charging station remains at the high school for you to re-energize your cell phone, mobile device, and laptop batteries. Please remember to bring your charger. Free WiFi is also available. There are also Meals Ready To eat, commonly referred to as MRE’s for those in need.
  • The Recovery Center is open until 8 PM tonight and will reopen tomorrow at 5 AM.

The Town is accepting brush, trees, bushes and any other forms shrubbery free of charge. The Town is also accepting construction material related to storm damage free of charge.
Both brush and construction material must be brought to the Debris Management Center. The Debris Management Center is located at the old Donnelly complex. Simply take Donnelly road, drive past the high school and enter the parking lot near the very large brush pile. Town personnel will be available to assist.

The Town of Old Saybrook will enjoy Halloween as scheduled.
Old Saybrook Police have planned on having extra staff on to provide additional security in areas that may still be hazardous or are without power. The Police Department is committed to making tonight a safe and enjoyable time for Old Saybrook’s youth.

While we are permitting all ghosts and goblins to trick-or-treat (and hopefully many who are dressed up as police officers), we do ask the following if parents permit their children to trick-or-treat in areas without power or that have major storm damage:

  • All children have a flash light with them
  • A responsible adult must be with trick-or-treaters
  • No mischief activities.
  • Have fun!!

Goodwin School and Middle School parents may pick up a reflective trick or treat bag and glow stick necklace for their children at the Recovery Center. These items are available on a first come first serve basis. We have 600 of each.

Finally, homes without power that will be offering candy are asked to come to the recovery center to pick up an official, “Trick-or-Treat Here” sign. These signs replace the porch light being on to welcome trick-or-treaters. To pick one up, come to the Recovery Center. Just drive up by the ice and ask for one, there is no need to even get out of your car!

Let’s work together to ensure storm sandy does not disrupt Old Saybrook’s Halloween.

The Old Saybrook Public School District announces the following information

  • School will be in session tomorrow
  • Cafeterias will be open for Breakfast and Lunch
  • Friday will be a full day of school instead of a half day as originally planned
  • Monday and Tuesday will be regular school days rather than professional development days

The Town is working closely with CL&P and private tree contractors to finish the process of clearing roadways.

Please remember that all downed wires should be considered live and energized. You will get electrocuted if you touch a downed wire. I can assure you, while its never fast enough and it’s only recognized when your individual home has power back, we do have CL&P crews in Town that are addressing issues as fast as possible with the resources they have. .

  • All restaurants that lost power, and are now open have passed Health Department reopening inspections.
  • The Town Beaches remain closed, until further notice.

The Town will be working with the state to apply and obtain assistance from the federal government for losses associated with Storm Sandy. Your first claim should be to your insurance company.

We continue to appreciate you working with your public safety professionals as we recover from this disaster. Please remember to visit for all the information you need to know about the Town’s Storm Sandy Recovery Operations. While the water is receding, there is still much work being done by Town of Old Saybrook Personnel. It is our privilege and honor to be able to serve you.


  1. This site has been an amazing resource for my family. Thank you for creating a tool that’s allowed so many to stay “in the loop”.

  2. I have a question about the schools being opened. first what about the people that have no power and what about the bus routes? I feel that it is not safe to be in a school that is on a generator. So we make the days up the days up at the end of year..Just my thought. Some teacher have no power still in different towns..

  3. Does not seem to make sense go go to school when town has 42% without power and families displaced

  4. Patti, all the schools in Old Saybrook do have power, they are NOT running on generators.

    • well the last time i knew it was. sorry maybe they are not now. I feel that if families are still without power and are displaced we should be worried about them.

  5. TV said OS HS is closed tomorrow. Please clarify.

    • Matt I just watched ABC CBS NBC FOX and none of them had the high school listed at bottom. what channel did they say it on?

  6. Thank you to the town govt, fire and police and road crews, CL&P, you all have done a great job and we appreciate it. Hope to have power soon, but its stories by candlelight for now! Best to everyone.

  7. Any specifics on power? Cl&p numbers never change.anything would be helpful. Thank you

  8. The decision to reopen school tomorrow involved many factors. The issue was discussed with our Public Safety Leadership Team which included the Superintendent of Schools.

    The first and most important issue is always the safety of our children.

    The bus company travelled their routes today to determine if they felt it was safe to provide transportation. M & J Bus deemed their routes passable and safe.

    I encourage parents to walk their students to the bus stop or drive them to school if they feel that their bus stop is still cluttered with debris or there are still down wires in the area. I am very confident that parents will make proper safety decisions for their children.

    The school facilities have been inspected and have been deemed safe.

    The High School, which served as our community’s shelter, has been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. It sustained no damage and is on full power.

    The Middle School sustained no damage and is on full power.

    The Goodwin School sustained no damage and is running on generator power. The generator does not provide electricity for the entire school, however lights and heat do work. The Superintendent personally walked the school this afternoon and has deemed it safe and appropriate for school.

    The Town has offered hot showers for two days now. Over two hundred people, many of which have been young children, have taken advantage of that resource. We even stayed open late this evening as families arrived to “de-make-up” their children. The Recovery Center will open at 5 AM tomorrow should anyone wish to have their children shower before going to school. Please remember there are private stalls and areas for mothers to bathe their children. Soap, Shampoo, and towels are available if you are unable to provide your own supplies.

    There are many studies that show that following natural disasters restoring normalcy is important for children. While we had a very bad storm, and there was significant devastation in parts of Town, we are lucky that we are at the point where we can begin to get back into some of our pre-disaster routines. Here is a link to one brief article from FEMA that parents may find helpful –

    For those still without power, school will offer our children a safe, warm environment with an opportunity to enjoy meals and interact with friends and teachers. It is a step towards restoring normalcy.

    As your Chief of Police and Emergency Management Director I support the Superintendent’s decision to reopen school tomorrow.

  9. I own a business on Old Boston Post Rd. and we’re still w/o power.

  10. I run a home based business and live on Old Boston Post Rd. We are still w/o power with no restoration estimates available from CL&P.

  11. Was curious if anyone knew if CL&P is actually working in town? I see OL, Westbrook, Essex, Clinton restoration is moving right along on CL&P site, but our number doesn’t seem to move.

    • Leo, restoration crews are in town. They may or may not be in orange CL&P trucks. Occasionally they need to temporarily turn power off to areas in order to fix other problems. I do know that they are out and making progress in town.

  12. Website was helpful thanks and good luck to all that are still recovering.

    If you are missing your dock I have a section in my front yard at 463 Main St.